Viking Sling

On the last Tuesday of January, Shetland celebrates it's world famous fire festival: Up Helly Aa. During the festival, communities across Shetland come together for 24 hours of processions, singing, skits and dancing. This months Peerie cocktail, the Viking Sling, brings the spirit of this festival to a glass and transports you to the festival of fire and Vikings!

  • 35ml Up Helly Aa Gin 

  • 15ml Cherry Brandy

  • 15ml Lemon Juice

  • A few drops of Bitters

  • 10ml Drambuie

Combine ingredients in a shaker and top with ice. Shake until frosty - double strain into ice filled glass and top up with soda - garnish with lemon.

Add a bottle of Shetland Reel Up Helly Aa 2018 Gin to your collection.